Stand Up to the Threat of Foreclosure

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Losing a home to foreclosure can be devastating. It's a huge financial loss that also requires you to say goodbye to a home full of memories. When your home is being forced into foreclosure, you can stall the process and fight back with William Grausso, Esq. of Riverhead, NY. You have options, including a mortgage modification, which can reduce your interest rate or monthly payments.

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What does a foreclosure defense attorney do for you?

You can expect that your bank or lender will be knowledgeable about foreclosure law, which is why it's extremely important to have an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer on your side. Your foreclosure defense attorney will represent you in litigation and see that your arguments are made clear during the process. We'll work hard for you in order to:

  • Stall the foreclosure
  • Review your paperwork
  • Monitor the timeline
  • Inform you throughout the entire process

Contact William Grausso, Esq. of Riverhead, NY today to schedule your free legal consultation.